Land of OOooh

The name is Monica
I am a college student that watches way to much tv
For now I work at the Gap
But I hope to one day be on SNL :)
I love God and music and junk food like cheese its
This is just the randomness that is my life. Enjoy!

I just hope I don’t fall out there.

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Eric Stein talking about Christine’s gameplay :ooooo (via serfboardts)

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Christine has the making of that she’s finally at the cool kid’s table at lunch and she’s not seeing the forest for the trees anymore… She’s losing sight of the game. You take out your biggest ally, one of the only females left in the game, so that you can service your gentleman callers? She’s gonna be next on the hit list. She’s like Britney to the brigade without the personality.


You think I’m not a g o d d e s s ? (inspired by x)

this is actually perfect wow

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